HeliosX Gyro Inclinometer

Looking for a Reliable and Dynamic Oil and Gas Surveying Solution? Look no further than Vigor USA’s HeliosX Gyro Inclinometer!

Vigor USA’s HeliosX Gyro Inclinometer is engineered using latest innovative cutting-
edge technology using solid-state technology and MEMS accelerometer. HeliosX
utilizes single and multipoint north seeking inclinometer. Offering repeated surveys of
well trajectory, you can now ensure that your oil and gas exploration is accurate and
Monitoring real-time GT and HER measurements, compact size and high impact
resistance of our HeliosX ensures that your work won’t be impacted by any accidental
drops or hits. The high measurement accuracy and high temperature resistance of the
device means that you can work in challenging environments worry free. HeliosX Gyro
probe utilizes low power consumption, so you can get the most out of your surveying
without worrying about downtime or wasted energy. 
You can now optimize your surveying process and get the data’s you need to make
informed decisions about your oil and gas operations available to you with ease, thanks
to Vigor USA’s HeliosX Gyro Inclinometer.

Vigor USA HeliosX Gyro Datasheet

Please download the product data sheet.