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LIMITLESS Circulating Bypass Valve

Introducing Vigor USA’s latest Innovative Product line, the LIMITLESS Circulation Bypass Valve! LIMIT THE LESS, WITH LIMITLESS!

Vigor USA’s LIMITLESS Circulation Bypass Valves are designed and engineered to provide multiple opening circulations with unlimited activation. LIMITLESS circulation bypass valves are used in the event a Lost Circulating Zone (LCZ) is encountered during any drilling stage and wellbore cleaning after the finished operation to clean out the wellbore debris. 

By using Vigor USA’s LIMITLESS circulation bypass valve mechanism, the LCZ area can be filed with Lost Circulation Material (LCM) without pulling out the whole string out of the wellbore. A ball is dropped from the top and pumped down to sit on the ball seat inside the tool mechanism which moves the vale mechanism down allowing the port vents to open. Then the LCM is pumped down and passed through the open vents which fills the LCZ cracks.

Once the operation is finished the pump is turned off, and the tool mechanism brings the seat back in the start position thereby closing the vents. To remove the ball from the ball seat another ball is pumped down which pushes the ball through the tool mechanism which is then caught by the ball catcher attached. Engineered with the latest mechanism and design LIMITLESS can perform this function unlimited number of times which makes LIMITLESS unique among the older versions in the market which has limited number of bypass activations.

With Vigor USA’s unique design and technology implemented by our R&D, LIMITLESS bypass circulating valve is an absolute game-changer. With LIMITLESS, you’ll be able to save both cost and time by avoiding unwanted wasted trips for an exhausted ball catcher.

LIMITLESS, with its ability to effortlessly switch from bypass to non-bypass in just 10 seconds, you’ll have even more flexibility and control. Don’t settle for less when you can have the best. Get your hands on our LIMITLESS Circulation Bypass Valve today!

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