MIRAGE® dissolvable frac plugs

When your Definition of Dissolvable Does Not Include the Word “MILLING” say Goodbye to Drill Out and Choose MIRAGE® Dissolvable Frac Plugs!

Vigor USA’ MIRAGE dissolvable frac plugs are engineered with 100% dissolvable frac plug technology. Operators can now easily reach extended reach laterals that were previously out of reach with standard composite plugs.

MIRAGE® dissolvable frac plug offers 100% dissolvable elastomers and three different configurations of ball drop, ball in place and bridge plug.

MIRAGE® dissolvable frac plug is built with magnesium alloy which requires no drill out, saving you valuable time and effort ensuring that your operations are risk-free. MIRAGE® dissolvable plug design offers large bore diameter and 100% customized dissolution rate and guarantee that your specific needs are met leaving no residue behind, making the entire process efficient.

Say goodbye to the hassle of milling and welcome a seamless and efficient operation with MIRAGE® dissolvable frac plug technology.

Invest in our technology and experience the benefits of seamless, safe, and customized operations today!

Take your multistage zonal isolation to next level using Vigor USA MIRAGE® in combination with our innovative PRO-SET electro-hydraulic setting tool.

MIRAGE® dissolvable frac plug' Data Sheet

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Mirage Dissolvable Frac Plugs
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