Spitfire Final

SPITFIRE Simple TAF Addressable Perforating Switches

Experience the Future of Selective Perforation, with Simple TAF Operation using Vigor USA’s SPITFIRE Addressable Perforating Switch System

Vigor USA’s SPITFIRE Addressable perforating switch system utilizes our latest innovative TAF technology. You can be assured of a reliable, safe, consistent operation. SPITFIRE utilizes a unique switch recognition pattern, enabling selective perforations that communicate with the ground control panel in real-time.

Integrating the technology of real time well temperature, current ignition and voltage monitoring on the ground panel during operations makes VGIOR’s SPITFIRE the only one-of-a-kind system available in the market with such advanced. Designed with a user-friendly Interface and ease of operation enables operators to complete the training classes to operate the SPITFIRE system efficiently in less than 10 minutes, giving you the peace of mind that comes with complete control over your operations. This translates into greater efficiency, reduced costs, and ultimately, increased reliability for your selective perforating operations.

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precision and efficiency with SPITFIRE addressable perforating switch system.

Integrate SPITFIRE simple TAF with our STINGER® Perforating Guns for safe, reliable, and flawless selective perforating operations.

SPITFIRE Simple TAF Addressable Perforating Switches's Data Sheet

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