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PRO-SET Electro-Hydraulic Setting Tool

Say Goodbye to the Hassles of Ballistics and HMR Transportation Difficulties with Vigor USA’s PRO-SET Electro-Hydraulic Setting Tool

Vigor USA’s PRO-SET electro-hydraulic setting tool operates by utilizing the latest available innovative technology integrated by our R&D team provides oilfield operators with a reliable setting tool. PRO-SET operates using the principles of hydraulics to generate stable thrust to complete the setting operation.

Using the latest technology PRO-SET can monitor real time thrust setting, , temperature displacement, current, voltage, speed, working conditions and allows recording of setting force in real time. PRO-SET can be run multiple times in the well simultaneously without the need of maintenance in between each run, saving time and money for operators. PRO-SET is loaded with a number of unique and advanced features like the pressure balancing system which maintains the setting pressure at all times inside the well, and the releasable unit design which can be used in the event a plug or packer cannot be retrieved from the well this unique feature will drop the plug or packer in in the well thereby assuring safety giving you peace of mind knowing your tool is working at its best.

PRO-SET with the ability to instantly restore the tool to a working state with no return oil reset function, you’ll never miss a beat.

Loaded with Innovative and most advanced features PRO-SET offer stress-free, reliable and most efficient operation which no other tool in the market can provide.

Choose VIGOR USA’s PRO-SET electro-hydraulic setting tool for your next completions Job!!

Want to feel the full PRO-SET experience combining Vigor USA’s choice of ULTRON® composite frac plugs and MIRAGE® dissolvable frac plugs

PRO-SET Electro – Hydraulic Setting Tool's Data Sheet

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